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qafmaniac ([personal profile] qafmaniac) wrote in [community profile] pics_in_motion on February 14th, 2013 at 09:48 pm
Spartacus~Nagron/Ep 301 big gifs
The love story of these boys,Agron and Nasir, is the reason that I now have to share my time between them and TJR...OMG!!! *ded*

Source: my own mp4 file

 photo Spartacus301Nagron03.gif
OH!MY!GODNESS!!!! *drooools*

 photo Spartacus301Nagron01.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron02.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron03.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron04.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron05.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron06.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron07.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron08.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron09.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron10.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron11.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron12.gif

And some of these just NEEDED to be bigger and slowed down,don't ya think? ;)

 photo Spartacus301Nagron13kissslow.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron14endoffuckslow.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron15endoffuckslow.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron16endoffuckslow.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron17endoffuckslow.gif

 photo Spartacus301Nagron18endoffuckslow.gif

Sorry dudes,I would have used and posted thumbs but PB fucked it all up and the thumbs from there are not working anymore. :/

Hope I didn't kill too many browsers...

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