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qafmaniac ([personal profile] qafmaniac) wrote in [community profile] pics_in_motion on July 18th, 2014 at 09:27 pm
Twirly AL sidebars for Red
[personal profile] vlredreign was asking for a twirly Adam Lambert sidebar and so I made it...and a few more.And I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind sharing. ;-)

Sources: TALCvids and cos2mwiz

01. photo AdamtwirlLV1a.gif 02. photo AdamtwirlLA.gif

03. photo AdamtwirlToronto.gif 04. photo AdamtwirlLV1.gif 05. photo AdamtwirlMSG.gif

06. photo AdamtwirlLV_1.gif

Feel free to take one or two or three BUT don't even think about hotlinking!My other PB acct is already fucked up and I don't want the same thing happen to this one.

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Hotlinking: RULES!
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