27 July 2012 @ 12:50 pm
Welcome to my gif world!  

1. Do NOT alter any of my gifs without my permission!
- But feel free to PM or email me (qafmaniac@gmail.com) or contact me via twitter (qafmaniac) and ask me if it's ok to "harm" them.I'll probably say YES. ;D

2. Take whatever you like but leave a short note in the comment section of the post so that I'll know where my "babies" will live. ;)

- Means to NOT copy my direct links to your own posts on LJ, IJ or DW or any other blog/website!
- Download the pretty/pretties that you want and upload it/them to your own picture hosting site (Photobucket etc.) account.
- If you can't upload it/them because the size of the file/files is too big or you don't have a paid PB/etc account just ask me (PM, email or twitter) and I might give you permission to use my link.Hell, I might even give you all the other links that you'd like to have.Yep,I iz crazy like that.Um...WUT? *snorts*

4. Crediting
- Would be nice if you could mention my name if you post/upload ma babes somewhere else.Just like any other form of graphic art making animations is a shitload of work and I'd really like other peeps to know who's made them. ;)
- It's ok to gush about my gif posts in your own journal (IF you want to, that is. LOL) but it's also ok to link back to this comm or the entry that you are drooling all over in your own post. *gg*

Commenting= ♥
Crediting= ♥

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PS: The HOTLINKING rule does NOT apply on twitter.Feel free to RT my gif tweets as much as you like! ;)
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